Employees of the Month for November 2023

Todd W.

“I love working at Buchanan because of the employee’s passion for their jobs and how well everyone works as a team, to help each other out and provide the service our customers deserve. I love my team here in the Arkansas office. Andrew is an amazing leader, and my co-workers are the best. Everyone in this office and all other offices and the help they provide is why I keep coming back.”
Todd W. - Logistics Account Manager

Veronica G.

“I enjoy working at Buchanan because I feel like I am part of a team. I have received many opportunities to learn new things, and I am grateful for each of them. Joining Buchanan has been a wonderful adventure, and I look forward to many more years here.” -
 Veronica G. - Safety Coordinator

Dale H.

“And as far as Working for Buchanan, I think Working for a company is like a bicycle wheel with many parts acting like spokes, and everyone I work with seems to take their job as seriously as I do, which makes for a very strong wheel. And over the years whenever I’ve needed time off or I have made a mistake I was treated fairly every time. It just feels like family for me at Buchanan.“
Dale H.Truck Driver